Payline is an innovative service that enables you to collect and process credit card or any other sensitive information over the phone in an agent-assisted way. It is available on both traditional telephony platforms as well as on Amazon Connect

Payline allows you to effectively manage the risk of accepting credit cards over the phone, reducing the fraud to the levels of e-commerce and at the same time optimise your customer journey. It completely de-scopes your contact centre, which dramatically reduces the cost of PCI DSS compliance for the business. Cardholder data is no longer in transit, stored or being accessed on the network or by call centre agents

The technology is not limited to credit card capture but can be used with all sorts of sensitive information without exposing agents to the actual data, like a PIN, tax file number, social security number and other forms of digital identity

Payline is an on-demand cloud service which can be enabled if and when the customer would like to provide their private data. It does not require any hardware installation or additional trunk setup. It works with any payment provider allowing you to avoid vendor lock-in and bringing the total cost of ownership down

The customer uses their keypad to enter sensitive information like card number and CVV while maintaining voice communication with the agent. If a customer makes a mistake, it is easily spottable by the agent and can be corrected straight away

The agent then initiates the payment and receives the outcome of the transaction in real time, can communicate the results back to the customer and send a receipt. Your customer service representatives never hear or see the cardholder data, but have full control over the process and can provide support to the customer if needed

Payline for Amazon Connect

Payline is available on Amazon Connect. De-scope your cloud contact centre from PCI DSS compliance and improve your customer experience with an agent-assisted way of capturing cardholder data over the phone

Easy and fast integration does not require you to invest heavily in hardware and voice trunks. With the matter of a couple of clicks, you'll be serving the best customer experience possible while not worrying about compliance

Plenty of web integration options allow you to incorporate Payline in your CRM to make your payment process even more efficient. Scale your compliance the same way you scale your contact centre with Amazon Connect

Payline works with any payment provider so all your processes and reconciliation will stay the same

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Highly flexible cloud IVR service that allows you to capture payment details and process against your payment provider. Validate any customer input against your business systems or built-in rules. IVR scales up and down with your load ensuring you will never miss a payment

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